Citizen of East Alabama: Meet Alabama ‘Chris’ – the Democrat running for Alabama Attorney General

After the Peace Corps, Christie returned to Birmingham where he clerked for a federal judge for a year. He also served as a trial lawyer for 30 years for a 500-plus national law firm with multiple offices across the U.S., Bradley Arant. During that time, he gained experience working mainly with pension plans and health care providers (Retirement Systems of Alabama was a longtime client). He also served as chair for 20 years on the firm’s pro bono committee and was appointed by federal judges to represent federal prisoners. He left his job at Bradley Arant Jan. 1 to prepare to campaign for office.

Additionally, Christie has served as a Big Brother in the Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer program that pairs adult mentors with at-risk youth. 

Regarding his thoughts on the state’s pressing issues, Christie said the most important issue to him is curbing government corruption. Other matters he’s tuned into include, among others, consumer protection of seniors from scams; contributing to public safety and helping with the state’s prison problems.