Meet Chris Christie



Born and raised in Birmingham, Chris knows that winning starts with hard work and focus. His high school football coach instilled in him that winning is a process, day-in and day-out. During his junior and senior year of high school, Chris's football team was undefeated and won the state championship – ranking number three in the nation. Chris was skinnier than the other players and not as fast, but he worked year round, knew every player’s assignments, and studied the other team to win.

That same commitment to focus and hard work drives Chris at his law practice and will drive him as our next Attorney General. He believes the people of Alabama deserve one of the state's best attorneys to be their Attorney General.



Cleaning up our state isn't just about rooting out corruption – it also means rebuilding a culture of ethics in Montgomery. Widely respected by his peers, Chris Christie is the kind of leader who can help change our state government's culture for the better. 

Chris has dedicated his life to serving others and fighting for those who need a voice. He brings 30 years of experience as a trial attorney in civil and criminal courts. An accomplished advocate for justice, Chris has been listed among the Best Lawyers in America® for fourteen years running (2005–2018) and he is recognized as a Super Lawyers’ Top 50 Attorney in Alabama.



As Attorney General, Chris will work to protect the people of Alabama. Chris defended our most vulnerable seniors when the federal government sued a hospice provider because patients weren’t dying fast enough according to a federal “expert.”

Chris will increase consumer protection and take on big corporations that take advantage of Alabamians. When insider deals ripped off Alabama state employees’ supplemental retirement funds, Chris filed a case that brought justice and full compensation to the employees in the retirement plan.

Chris will also be a leader on behalf of victims’ rights. As an attorney, he’s represented and won for victims of fraud. For example, Chris helped an elderly, indigent woman recover the money stolen by a phony contractor who she had paid to fix her roof. Likewise, Chris will stand up for the victims of payday lenders and work with the legislature to put a stop to predatory lending practices in Alabama.



The child of small business owners, Chris’s world view changed when he taught in Africa as a young Peace Corps volunteer. At the market where Chris and his wife bought their groceries, they would regularly pass people with debilitating injuries and diseases asking for help. Chris recognized that you can't solve every problem, but for those you can help, you take responsibility and do the best you can.

Committed to a life of service that is shaped by his Christian faith, Chris has led weekly community Bible studies at his church for 25 years and supported many Alabama charity and nonprofit organizations.


Chris and his wife reside in Birmingham, where Chris was born and raised. Every day, he drove his three kids to school before going to work, and he was home by six for dinner, baths, and bedtime before returning to the office to work late to support his family.

Chris is committed to protecting and cultivating our next generation. Chris knows every child is an investment and he will fight to support and protect our youth, making the internet safer for children and teens by protecting them from predators.

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